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Most Goals Scored in a Single Football Match

Here is a look at the list of football matches that broke records for the most goals in a soccer game ever.

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Learn all about the match that ended with a scoreline of 149-0 and more!

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The record for most goals scored in a professional soccer match stood at 36 for 117 years.

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A goal is one of the most important parts of soccer, but not everyone fully understands what exactly a goal is.

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Here're some of the top jaw-breaking unforgettable most unbroken football records in history.

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Who has scored the most goals against everton in the premier league?

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A goal "Golden" goal ... Football - Soccer. ... Is Pele leading goal scorer in world soccer?

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Joe Gaetjens' 1950 goal led to the World Cup's most unlikely upset-a result so stunning many thought it was a mistake