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RUGBY RULES – Official Rules & Regulations of Rugby

RUGBY UNION RULES made simple. Quickly find the rules and regulations to the game of rugby.

Laws of the Game | World Rugby Laws

The Laws of the Game of rugby union governed by World Rugby.

Basic rugby rules - made easy : own pace : confident

Keep in mind... World Rugby regulations state that stud length must not exceed 21mm and studs should not 'burr' (create sharp edges when worn down) forwards play close together and often their feet are stood on by other forwards , sturdier boots offer more protection.

Rugby Union Rules: The laws of the game explained simply

RUGBY UNION RULES. 1. The Aim Of The Game. The aim during a game of rugby union is to score more points than the opposition by running, kicking and passing the oval-shaped ball over the designated tryline or by kicking it over the ‘H-shaped’ posts. You can run with the ball, kick it and pass it.

Laws of the game Rugby Union

LAWS OF THE GAME RUGBY UNION. 2021. 2. FOREWORD. T. he object of the game is that two teams of 15, 10 or seven players each, observing fair play, according to the laws and sporting spirit, should by. carrying, passing, kicking and grounding the ball, score as many points as possible, the team scoring the greater number of points being the winner of the match.

Laws of the Game | World Rugby Laws

Laws by number. 1 The ground. 2 Ball. 3 Team. 4 Players' clothing. 5 Time. 6 Match Officials. 7 Advantage. 8 Scoring.

Laws of rugby union - Wikipedia

Rugby union is played on a field, known as a pitch, that should have a grassy surface, though the Laws permit the use of artificial grass, clay, sand or snow, but not permanently hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. The Laws do not say that the pitch needs to be flat or level, merely that the surface must be safe to play on.

Rugby Rules: How To Play Rugby | Rules of Sport

Rules of Rugby. The game is broken down into two 40 minute halves with a 10 minute rest period in between. The game carries no stoppage time and will end exactly on 80 minutes. Each team can start with 15 players and up to 7 substitutes. Players that have left the field are only allowed to return if they have been treated for an injury.