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The meniscus is often torn along with ACL and MCL —an injury referred to as the “Unhappy Triad.”. However, you don’t need to be playing a high-speed or contact sport to experience a meniscus injury. The wrong movement in a poor position when performing simple tasks can result in an injury. Can meniscus tears cause arthritis? Without surgery, meniscus tears often become larger. Further, fragments of the meniscus can injure the knee cartilage, a situation that results in pain and may ...

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Meniscus tears are common among tennis players. Currently, little is known regarding knee joint kinematic and kinetic characteristics during a square stance tennis forehand that may lead to an increased risk of a meniscus injury.

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47 year old competitive tennis player. Tore her meniscus on the court. Instead of the recommended scope surgery, she chose injection therapy using her own st...

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There are two menisci. They are located in between the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia). Meniscus tears are very common among tennis players. They are often the result of a twisting injury. When a patient has a torn meniscus, he or she usually complains about sharp pain in the knee. A torn meniscus is similar to a hangnail.

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1. Jul 22, 2021. #1. This past winter I played quite a bit of indoor tennis, both clay and hard court, and in the middle of the season I stretched for a ball and tweeked something in my knee. I was able to continue playing thru the season but my knee got progressively more sore as I played.

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The images showed a small Baker’s cyst, a tear of the medial meniscus, high-grade chondromalacia, a focal chondral defect, and joint effusion. Needless to say, this report did not give him the confidence that a conservative treatment like Prolotherapy would work for such a laundry list of problems.